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Our new collection costume "Gluosnis" - consists of 1) linen shorts, 2) linen shirt and 3) linen bow-tie

The costume is perfect for both christenings, for birthdays, weddings or other occasions.

Boys suit "Gluosnis"

  • Color: Shorts and bowtie - white, beige, natural linen, light blue, dark blue

    Shirt - snow white

    Composition: 100% linen


    • 3-6 months: height 64cm. Shorts length 19cm.
    • 6-10 months: height 71cm. Shorts length 22cm.
    • 10-16 months: height 81cm. Shorts length 23cm.
    • 16-24 months: height 92cm. Shorts length 24cm.

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